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The largest inverter drive manufacturer in the world, Yaskawa, offer the latest technological developments, excellent quality, and reliability.

We have e a range of drives which cover all applications, however, on a cost/performance basis the J1000 or V1000 should prove suitable (unless you need an inverter drive for a special application in which case please look at the inverters below or contact us for help and advice). The primary function of each inverter range is detailed below. Please also take a look at our Servos at

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J1000 InverterJ1000 Inverters

The J1000 is a compact, highly cost effective V/f controlled inverter with up to 150% automatic torque boost on start-up. These inverters are easy to set-up (plug and play) and are available at 0.2 to 5.5kW . Read more...

V1000 InverterV1000 Inverters

The V1000 is an excellent general purpose inverter with an exceptional lifetime and superb reliability. Cutting edge design and open loop vector control give outstanding speed control. Available at 0.18 to 18.5kW.

A1000 InverterA1000 Inverters

The A1000 includes next generration product features providing remarkable advantage through exceptional drive performance and energy saving benefits. Available at 0.75 to 90kW.

Omron MX2 InverterMX2 Inverters

The MX2 offers built in functionality which can reduce circuit complexity and reduce component costs,. Smooth control down to zero speed Torque control capability in open loop 0.4 to 15kW.

Omron RX InverterRX Inverters

The RX features on board application functionality customisable to match precise customer requirements. Positioning functionality, sensor-less and vector closed-loop. 0.4 to 132kW.

Omron JX InverterJX Inverters

The JX is a compact drive with integrated communications as standard. Easy to integrate into low cost networks for simple applications. Space and cost effective. 0.2 to 7.5kW.

E7 Inverter
E7 Inverters

The E7 is a super energy saving variable speed inverter drive. Low noise and special HVAC functionality. Ideal for fans and pumps. Integrated PI controller for temerature, pressur, etc control. Available at 0.55 to 300kW.

L7 Inverter
L7 Inverters

The L7 is an exclusive lift inverter drive. Designed for 3 million full load starts with special features for elevator operationn. Includes brake and contactor control/supervision. Available at 4 to 55kW.

G7 Inverter
G7 Inverters

The G7 is a market leading general purpose drive. Sophisticated design allows trouble free use in areas where other inverters fail. 3 level control architecture. Available at 0.4 to 300kW.

F7 Inverter
F7 Inverters

The F7 is a powerful energy saving advanced vector control. True industrial workhorse, handles every conventional drive application, wide array of configurations and options. Available at 0.4 to 300kW.