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AC Inverter Drives purchased on line and delivered from stock

We are pleased to supply only the highest quality inverters (also known as variable speed drives, VSD's) manufactured by one of the largest drive manufacture in the world. Yaskawa, our business partners, design and manufacture very reliable and advanced products combining the latest technology with quality to make compact and cost effective product. We also partner Omron and are able to support their range of variable speed drives.

While we pride ourselves on our keen pricing, AC inverter drives are more than a box to us. We know how they operate, we know how to apply them in simple and complex applications, and we are more than happy to share our experience with you to enable the best possible product selection for your application. Please phone +44 (0)151 33 44 555 and we will be pleased to help.

We hold many of the popular sizes of inverters in our warehouse but we can also access stocks around Europe for fast deliveries. Inverter drives from 0.5kW to 315kW are generally available in 1 to 2 weeks if we do not have them in our UK warehouse, but can be available in 2 to 3 days by express delivery at extra cost. 450kW and 560kW inverters are generally not held on stock and are typically on 18 weeks delivery. We are also adding new products all the time - expanding the range of all things related to variable speed motors and control, why not set up an account, by clicking login above, and we will keep you up-to-date with new products and special offers as they become available.

Our prices include free UK delivery to most parts of mainland Britain, they exclude VAT.

Here is a brief description of each variable speed drive product range;

  • The J1000 is an ultra compact variable speed AC inverter drive for simple automation applications.
  • The V1000 is a general purpose open loop 'sensorless' vector controlled variable speed AC inverter drive suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • The A1000 is a high performance vector controlled variable speed AC inverter drive available with many features and with a FIVE year warranty!
  • The L1000 is a specialist AC inverter drive design specifically for the lift industry. It is ideal for lift modernisation or new construction.
  • The Varispeed E7, F7 and G7 range of drives have all been superseded by the products above.
  • The JX range of variable speed inverter drives from Omron is a simple compact drive.
  • The MX2 range of AC inverter drives from Omron features more functionality than the JX range and is suitable for general purpose use.
  • The RX is a highly flexible variable speed drive from Omron capable of being configured to your exact requirements.

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How does an inverter work?

An inverter when used in the context of motor speed control can also be known as a variable frequency drive (VFD). It essentially generates a varying frequency three phase AC voltage to effect a change in the speed of a motor. It achieves this by converting the incoming power supply into a DC voltage and then generating a three phase AC voltage from this DC supply. The development of electronics since the manufacture of the first semiconductors has seen the speed and processing power increase enormously which has made it possible to, not only digitally synthesise the required AC frequency for any given speed of the motor but to also analyse the motor current and rotor position.

Why is it called an inverter?

The term inverter only relates to the final part of the VFD's electronic architecture, the part that converts DC voltage to AC. There is no clear technical reason for the use of the term 'inverter' as it is generally believed to refer to the inversion of the early mechanical process of converting AC voltage to DC, sometimes referred to as an 'inverting converter'.

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